Yuki Perfume & Matcha Sakura Sushi

30th October 2016

I’ve been a little quiet for a few months, but I’m finally back and with some big news…

I’m excited to tell you that there is a new addition to my family. I welcomed my baby, Hana-Zuki, into the world on May the 23rd. She’s beautiful, healthy and doing well.

I was busy working up until 10 days before she was born and have been slowly getting back to normal after her arrival. I’m now fully back at work and running my regular classes, so head over to my schedule page to see what’s coming up.

Yuki Perfume & Matcha Sakura Sushi

As well as my baby Hana, I also welcomed another baby into the world on the 28th January… My perfume! It took two years to develop and now it’s finally on the shelves, ready to buy. You can find it in Selfridges or online here.

The perfume, ‘Yuki’, is based on scents and aromas inspired by my Japanese culinary background. I have worked closely with Barnabé Fillion, a talented French perfume designer, developing this scent. It’s reminiscent of a sunny Autumn afternoon and includes the nostalgic notes of green tea, tangerine, cherry blossom, hinoki wood and tatami mats.

Yuki Perfume & Matcha Sakura Sushi

Matcha Sea Bream Temari Sushi

Today’s recipe is inspired by the perfume, focusing on the elements of green tea, cherry blossom for garnishing, tatami mats (I used decorative bamboo leaves to add a grassy element) and hinoki wood. I wanted to evoke the same nostalgic notes into the form of a recipe, to celebrate the perfume’s launch.

Yuki Perfume & Matcha Sakura Sushi

Matcha Sea Bream Temari Sushi
Makes 15-20 pieces


A piece of cling film, or a sandwich bag cut to hand size.

A bowl of cold water for your hands


1 fillet of Sea bream (skinned)

300 – 350g of sushi rice

1tbsp of Matcha powder

15-20 of Pickled Sakura flowers available at The Japan Centre here


Rinse the sea-bream fillet under cold running water and place on a chopping board and pat dry with kitchen paper gently. Holding the knife at a 20-degree angle, start to slice the fish from one end into 0.5cm-thick bite-size pieces, supporting the fish lightly with the index finger of your other hand. Make sure you cut each slice in one smooth action – do not use a sawing motion or too much force.

Soak the pickled sakura in some water for 10 minutes, then quickly rinse them and pat dry with a tea towel or kitchen paper.

Add the matcha powder to the sushi rice little by little with a sieve to give it an even green colour and matcha flavour.

Place the cling film on the palm of your hand and place a piece of sea bream on top. Wet the fingers of your other hand in the bowl of water, and shake off any excess. Damp fingers help when handling sticky sushi rice. Take a shallot size of the sushi rice (roughly 20g) with the other hand and place it on top of the fish. Bring the edges of the cling film into the centre, over the rice, and shape into a tight ball. Then twist and close over the top.

Unwrap the sushi and place on a plate. Repeat with the remaining ingredients.

Garnish with sakura flower on top of each te mari sushi.

In other news….

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