Friends & Links

Starting out with Japanese cookery, or a seasoned professional?

Here are some of my best suppliers, sources and friends for your information and contact.


Kai Knives

Beautifully Crafted Kitchen Equipment

Truly stunning knives, finely crafted; they originate from methods used in making Samurai swords!

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Delicious Sparkling Sake

Yes, sparkling Sake! – super tasty and a perfect match for so many Japanese dishes.

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Miso Tasty

Authentic, finely crafted Miso soup

Wonderfully packaged, deliciously warming and so healthy too. A great product from good friends – enjoy!

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An expanding range of authentic Japanese ingredients

The Yutaka range of authentic Japanese food products is great for those all important core ingredients.

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The Wasabi Company

Fresh British Grown Wasabi!

I love locally source ingredients and there’s no Wasabi better than fresh.

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Keiko Oikawa


Keiko’s stylish photos are inspiring, and beautiful. It has been a treat to work with her for my book.

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Award Winning Organic Food

Exceptional quality, organic ingredients are Clearspring’s trademark. I use their sushi rice and Hijiki regularly in my classes, they do a lovely virgin olive oil too, exquisite on a simple salad or with pasta.

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Bondi Wash

Cleaning Products Based on Natural Australian Botanicals

Bondi wash creates beautiful, natural products using Australian botanicals and essential oils. I use their products here in Yuki’s Kitchen after every class, they’re beautifully scented and a pleasure to use, without destroying my hands.

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Coast & Glen Fishbox

An online subscription to regular deliveries of carefully prepared ‘FISHBOXES’. They are hand-picked daily by the Fishbox team.

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Japan Food Hall

Dedicated to bring a wide variety of authentic food products directly from Japan to the British market.

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Japan Centre

The Japan Centre Food Hall is passionate about delivering a rich variety of quality Japanese goods to shoppers in the UK and beyond.

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A family-run business is dedicated to sourcing the best Italian produce – from cured meats and cheeses to a wide range of Italian wines and pantry ingredients.

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Japanese Food Supplier

Perhaps you have a branch of this classic shop near you? Good all round supplier of core ingredients.

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Food & Kitchenware

I frequently demonstrate recipes with Kai Knives at Harrods, pop by and say hello and sample some creations next time.

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Organic Ingredients

A favourite of mine for top quality ingredients and memories of my days in Chicago. I do the occasional demo here using Clearspring ingredients.

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Field & Flower

Award Winning Free-Range Meat & Sustainable Fish

Eat less meat and fish, but when you do, eat the best! From British farms and coastlines direct to you door, exceptional ingredients that are full of flavour from a company that genuinely care about welfare and origin.

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Fresh Fish

Moxons offer a beautiful range of fish sourced from around the British coast including sushi grade fish.

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Haiku Girl

A Celebration of Japanese Culture

Alison’s site about Japanese culture here in the UK, a declared Pescatarian it includes many food articles and reviews.

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Heidi Roberts

Kitchen Talk

All things food from Heidi, read her reviews of recent classes.

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The Road Forks

Where Food & Travel Intersect

The Road Forks came to visit last year, we had a great day and their stories are inspiring.

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Going With My Gut

An Ongoing Edible Adventure

Wen is great, she also runs Edible Experiences a great site to find foodie events and cookery classes.

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The English Can Cook

Underground Restaurants

Kerstin, a true innovator & supper club writer – Read Kerstin’s review of the Global Feast, for which I represented Japan.

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Eat Like A Girl

Food & Travel

I often try local eateries that Niamh has written about, read about her journey to Japan too.

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See Japan

Gourmet Japan

Tips and advice on gourmet food culture if you are planning a visit to Japan

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Japanese London

Everything Japanese in London

Great source of London’s Japanese events and listings.

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