Sushi for the Holiday Season – Monocle Weekly

28th February 2019

This is me, Yuki, talking about sushi on Monocle weekly radio

Readers of Monocle will know that they are keen promoters of all things Japanese, (their HQ is called Midori House, which means Green in Japanese) so I was thrilled to be invited in to the Monocle Weekly radio show, just before Christmas this year. I know, I know, it has taken me forever to publish this, but don’t complain and have a listen – here is the link to the show:

Yuki on Monocle Talking Sushi

You’ll hear me teaching the presenters how to prepare sushi for the party season, and the pleasure of simple Temaki rolls which are a great way to get your guests to join in with making sushi fresh.

I find sushi can be a welcome break during Christmas and New Year’s when you are feeling full and in need of some different fresh, flavours.

Enjoy! Yuki x