Japanese Street Food Classes

Remember your first pack of instant ramen? How about the first sip of succulent stock with the drop of spicy sesame oil, the delicate sliced meat with the hard boiled egg and that impossible yolk shining up at you with a load of fresh, squiggly noodles hiding in the depth of broth and veggies?

Japanese street food is no simple matter. Many favourites are explored in this series: from noodles to gyoza; simple yet flavourful side dishes made of ingredients you probably keep in the fridge already. Yuki will show you just how assemble an unforgettable meal that will have you toss those instant packs for good.

“Your first plate of okonomiyaki, with the bonito flakes waving at you? A bowl of chilled soba on a balmy summer evening? From Brixton to Soho, Japanese street food is, well, taking over the streets.”

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