Tea Tasting & Sushi Class with Tombo Tea

9th May 2015
“Tea is an intrinsic part of Japanese cooking and frequently used in several of my favourite recipes.”
Tea Tasting & Sushi Class with Tombo Tea

You’ll no doubt know of some of its healthy properties, which for me take away a little of the guilt, when enjoying a scoop of green Macha ice cream! It is an antioxidant, a stimulant if you are looking to reduce your coffee intake and helps to boost the immune system. When family come to visit me, I often ask them to bring green or kombu-cha tea, from some of my favourite suppliers.

This year, it will be a real pleasure to team up with Tombu Tea based here in London. Similarly, Manami who set-up Tombo with her partner Louis; began importing the tastiest teas from Japan after finding them difficult to source here in the UK. I will be teaching a sushi class for guests, alongside a tea tasting by tea barista Louis. The venue is the Tombu Tea Cafe in South Kensington and classes start this June.

For more details and bookings: Tombo Classes & Events

Tea Tasting & Sushi Class with Tombo Tea

Highly recommended, particularly if you feel like a seasonal taste is their Sakura Kukicha tea. Sakura season is just passing and I’ve been enjoying plenty of photos of the blossom on instagram, from friends in Japan. The blossom used in this tea is grown in the foothills of Mount Fuji, which is where my family home is based; so it reminds me of home at this time of year. Sakura blossom gives the tea a unique floral flavour, hard to find elsewhere and well worth a taste.

I’m feeling inspired now to cook some of my favourite tea recipes, check back soon!