Sushi Rolling Tips in Jamie Magazine

15th February 2015

The February issue of Jamie magazine is dedicated to Asian food and I was asked to give some sushi rolling tips which are included in the ‘Ask the Expert’ feature. If you have been to one of my classes, you’ll know that I love to encourage experimentation when it comes to sushi. Try new ingredients that are in season and test different combinations. Once you have mastered the core techniques of making the rice and cutting; sushi rolling is all about being creative with your choice ingredients. At the moment, I am looking at different ways of introducing maximum flavour, without using fish every time.


Also in the magazine, there are some stunning pictures of Vietnamese markets (I can’t wait to go) and some recipes from Koya Bar; who serve up tasty Udon; well worth a visit.


I am now offering a sushi rolling course based on my book Sushi at Home, which consists of four classes; ideal for perfecting your rolling technique!