BBC World Service – Supermarket Sushi

15th February 2016
“Freshly made sushi is not easy to find first thing on a Monday morning, as the fishmongers are closed. However, we managed it for a taste test at the BBC!”

Reporting on the Japanese government’s decision to certify Washoku sushi chefs abroad, to keep quality high (more here: Freshly Made Sushi), I was asked in to the BBC for my thoughts on sushi quality. There was a real scramble that morning to find sushi for the taste test. The supermarket sushi was easy to find. However, fresh fish is tricky to find first thing on a Monday morning as the fishmongers are shut. Luckily, a trusted Japanese chef was happy to help and we had great spread to sample.

Have a listen and why not do the taste test yourself. Supermarket sushi is often stored in the fridge and not freshly made, the rice becomes hard and the seaweed is soggy as it sticks to the rice. You might have seen intricate plastic wrappers on Onigiri, that cleverly keeps the rice separate from the seaweed. Well, this isn’t possible with sushi rolls. This means the only way to ensure a fresh, crunch through the seaweed; is to make it fresh.

I’d say any sushi found on a fridge is worth avoiding, especially if it contains raw fish. If anything, I’m trying to eat less sushi, saving it for a special, once in a while treat. When I do indulge, I ensure the quality is high and that it is is perfectly, freshly made.