Super Healthy Japanese Cooking – Red Magazine

16th June 2015

Super Healthy Japanese Cooking - Red Magazine

If you fancy super healthy Japanese cooking, you should know we never compromise flavour in Japan! I am always trying to promote a healthy diet and lifestyle, as Japanese food is inherently healthy. The online magazine Red wanted to discuss exactly that. Japanese healthy cooking is not a secret, thought it’s not a task most people know how to tackle at home.

In the article I touch base on the importance of clean eating and fresh produce. If you are scared of trying to make these dishes, why not come along to one of my classes such as Ramen or Sushi. It will defiantly boost your confidence in the kitchen and you can show of to your friends. If you want to find out more about my favourite healthy dish and best Japanese restaurant to eat in London you should check out this article How to Get to Grips with Super Healthy Japanese Cooking.