Street Style – Katsu Curry & Katsu Don from Scratch!

6th October 2013

Two really wonderful, hearty Autumn dishes for you and one I am sure many people will be familiar with. Katsu curry is becoming increasingly popular here in the UK and enjoyed for a weekday, lunchtime treat. In Japan it is often eaten before an exam or before sportsmen head to their next match; the reason? Because ‘Katsu’ can also mean ‘to win’ in Japanese. I can’t suggest any nutritional basis for success, however it does taste wonderful and sets you up well if it is energy you need!

Photo of the main dish from the katsu curry class

I have just started to run a Katsu Curry & Don Class – Street Style class, the key to making both dishes really flavoursome is to make them from scratch. I’ll be showing students how to make the roux, from spices and how to prepare their own Panko breadcrumbs to prepare the pork or chicken cutlets for frying. Both dishes are indulgent, however you can turn them into a dish with greater delicacy, by using fresh ingredients and cooking to ‘al dente’ perfection. I hope you enjoy the photos too, from a recent class. 

Photo of the katsu don recipe

Katsu curry has traveled full circle, a Japanese dish that finds its origins in the curries the British brought with them on their travels from India. To make this all the more authentic, in my class, we prepare the dish from scratch from spices and even use Worcester sauce to give it a special kick.