Sushi for Kids – A Children’s Party in Dulwich

18th July 2012

Kids Sushi Class

I am home now and enjoying a cup of fresh, green tea after a busy morning’s party in Dulwich. My students today were a group of young boys with a keen taste for good food. Some of my Japanese friends are often amazed that there is such a wide appetite for sushi amongst children here in the UK. However I have been teaching lessons frequently for children for four years now. I find that they are both keen to learn how to make it and love talking about Japan on the whole.

For the classes, I focus on the skills of rolling sushi and use ingredients to suit the age group. I don’t use raw fish for children’s classes and only use smoked or cured British fish for classes of 12 years old and above. The real fun is in making a beautiful, colourful dish that can be tasted at the end of the class, for this sweetcorn, avocado and cucumber are perfect.

A class or party is a great idea when the weather is not looking good and can be organised in your kitchen or mine. In light of the weeks of rain and with school holidays starting soon, it looks set to be a busy summer! Please send me a message for further details and availability.