Japanese Rice with Chestnuts ”Kuri Gohan”

28th October 2010

Time flies, when you are having fun! Since I came back to London from France, the trees have changed colour and craving for comfort food have started. Last week, I remembered that I had bought a jar of lovely peeled chestnuts form the South of France. I bought them for my autumn Japanese rice recipe” Kurigohan”

I mix these with Japanese sticky rice” mochigome “ I love the texutre of the rice and the way it sticks with the chestnuts . A lovely combination!

Japanese Rice with Chestnuts ”Kuri Gohan”


450g Mochigome(sticky rice)
130g Cooked chestnuts
5cm Dried kombu
1tbsp Sake
1tbsp Mirin
1tbsp Soy sauce
1tsp Salt
350ml Water
Mitsuba for garnish


Wash the rice thoroughly in a sieve for 4 minutes ideally, constantly turning the rice over until the water turns clear.

Drain the rice and transfer it to a pressure cooker with 350ml of water and cook for 2 minutes. Then let it stand for 30 minutes. Cut the chestnuts in half. Then add them and all seasoning into the pot.

Bring to the boil in the pressure cooker, when it reaches boiling point then reduce the heat and let it simmer for 2 minutes.

Turn the heat off and then let it stand cool for a further 15 to 20 minutes

Serve and enjoy!