A Global Feast! Japanese Pop-up Dining

4th October 2012

Global Feast was timed to represent the cuisine of one country, every night, for the duration of the Olympics. Guess who was representing Japan? Collaborating with Architects – Atmos Studios and Kirsty of Ms. Marmite Lover fame, I produced a special menu for the night based on lesser known Japanese dishes. The dinner was based around a truly ambitious laser-cut table that filled the venue just next to the Olympic park in Stratford.

Global feast with Yuki's Kitchen

On the night of the Japanese pop-up, my menu was accompanied by dancers from Japan, who had everyone up and dancing to Bon style dancing. I served a Mackerel ‘Oshi’ sushi for the starter, specially cured at home; but they were gone faster than I was able to take photos. I also combined a special malt sauce with red fish for the main course, an ingredient that not everyone may be immediately familiar with. Red fish a.k.a. Sockeye Salmon is a great MSC certified fish, that goes well with a malt taste to give it some kick.

I hope you enjoy the photos. I will post soon about my supper club last Sunday; which was Japanese-Peruvian in partnership with my two good friends Fabricio and Antonia.