Japanese Food with Robert Elms – BBC Radio London

20th May 2015
“Robert Elms invited me in to the studio in April, to discuss the rising popularity of Japanese food in the UK. He clearly knows his fish!”

It is not often that you get the chance to discuss Japanese food on the radio here in the UK!

It was a pleasure discussing some of the lesser known types of sushi. Great to hear that Unagi is one of his favourites, it is for me too and there is an incredible Unagi (eel) restaurant near my home town that specialises only in eel! It is quite different to the eel you get here, a lot richer in taste and texture.

I took in a bento box for tasting in the studio, which disappeared quite quickly with a little assistance from some of the other guests. It was a pleasure to meet Bluey, the musician in the Green room whose album now plays regularly when I am cooking.

We talked about some of the common misconceptions about Japanese food, it needn’t be expensive to cook or difficult to find ingredients here. Perhaps this myth is due to the intense training required to become a sushi chef, but it is not the only food that we eat in Japan! However, it is true that for each type of dish, there are some core skills. For Ramen it’s all about the broth, for sushi the rice. Listen to hear about some of the core Japanese ingredients you need to get started.

The morning was great fun and everyone seemed surprised when I produced the omelette pan from my handbag!