Illuminum Perfume ‘Yuki’ – Wallpaper Magazine

15th October 2015

I am delighted to tell you that I have launched my very first perfume called ‘Yuki’. It is a part of the 95 percent series from the brand Illuminum. I was lucky enough to be involved with a great team and creative director Asakala Greaghty, as we worked closely to build this fantastic brand and fragrance. My fragrance was developed with expert perfumer Barnabe Filion. The 95 percent Illuminum perfume series also includes fragrances from collaborations with food artist Tom Wolfe and Azzi Glasser.

The whole concept was based around the smells that I grew up with in Japan, mixing calming, humble flavours such as green tea and hinoki wood. Wallpaper magazine featured my perfume in their October issue, so if you’re itching to see a glimpse of a bottle of Yuki check out this article. Illuminum Perfume is a London based brand and the launch of this range will be in January 2016.