Soggy Sushi or Freshly Made Sushi?

15th February 2016

freshly made sushi tastes so much better than soggy sushi

Ever had stale, soggy sushi from the supermarket that has left you wanting the real thing? Sushi is now so readily available, wherever you find yourself, however the standards vary hugely.

The Telegraph asked me for my thoughts and experiences when it comes to bad sushi outside of Japan. The original article is here: ‘No more soggy sushi’

First and foremost, freshly made sushi will taste great compared to its pre-prepared equivalent. If you spot sushi sitting in a fridge alongside those lunchtime sandwiches, it is probably worth avoiding. Refrigeration makes the rice go hard and it gives the sushi a stale texture. If you can find it, opt for sushi that’s been made fresh by a chef that knows what they’re doing. The idea of sushi with a shelf life of several days, is scary!