Forget the Rain – Temari Sushi

12th July 2012

Finished Te Mari Sushi

There is something about the beautiful simplicity of this sushi dish that is particularly elegant. It looks wonderful served on a colourful plate to offset the colours of the fish.

It is the holiday season now, and many schools here in London; broke-up last week. During the summer, I teach at kid’s parties in the area and Te Mari Sushi is a popular choice with the children. Making sushi is a great activity to do indoors when it won’t stop raining and you need cheering up.

It is really satisfying to shape the sushi when it is wrapped in clingfilm and then to un-wrap it revealing a perfectly formed round ball. In Japanese the name is literal, ‘Te’ means hand and ‘Mari’ means ball, so hand-made ball. Does the name do it justice? Lay different varieties of fish on top to create different colour combinations and tastes. Choose a vitamin D rich fatty fish, to make sure you get those nutrients needed due to lack of sun. Forget about the rain outside and enjoy this cheerful, colourful dish!