Kai Yanagiba Knife 21 cm


  • Yanagiba Pro Sho Knife #VG-0001
  • Blade 8.25″ / 21 cm
  • Handle 12.2 cm


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About this product

“The classic Japanese slicing knife, a great knife for sashimi and used by sushi chefs. Ideal for controlling the exact thickness of your cuts.”

The new Shun Pro Sho knife series by kai masterly combines classic Japanese design with modern details and high-quality material. The exclusive quality and the unique look of the series are outstanding characteristics of the long tradition of the kai products and make every single knife a special piece.

Thanks to its form, the dark Pakka wood hilt of the Shun Pro Sho Series is a true hand charmer. The blade of VG10 steel receives an ornamental tooling from an innovative etching technology. Sanded on one side, the extraordinarily sharp knives run through the cutting good smoothly and precise, and fully meet the requirements of a professional cutting tool.

Designed and produced by kai Japan.