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Sushi at Home

Gourmet Sushi and Sashimi

March 26th 2020 | 7:30 pm - 10:00 pm

About this class

Great for those that have already taken Yuki’s sushi class or if you know the basics of sushi. This class is all about authentic sushi recipes, preparation and knife skills. Yuki will also introduce how to prepare sashimi and special sauces.

Nothing can take away from the pleasure of going to a genuine sushi restaurant and enjoying the careful skills of a master sushi chef. However, it is possible to enjoy simple types of sashimi at home, with a good understanding of core skills and the ingredients used. Classic cutting skills for sashimi and sushi are taught in this class.

“Taking your sushi skills to the next level, with this Gourmet class!”

Alongside how to buy the right fish, how to clean and prepare it based on Yuki’s professional techniques used in the best Japanese restaurants. Different types of knife skills include filleting from the whole fish and preparing larger fish such as Salmon. Yuki will teach you new types of sauce that can be used with sashimi, modern variations that give you a choice beyond typical soya sauce.

Class Menu

  • Sashimi Mikan and Yuzu sauce with cucumber avocado salad
  • Sashimi and Daikon tsuma salad with Ponzu sauce
  • Sea bream Japanese Ceviche Hand Roll sushi
  • Salmon and Tuna Temari sushi
  • Spicy Tuna Gunkan sushi
  • Colourful inside out roll

Course Contents

  • Sushi rice and sushi vinegar
  • Knife skills: Filleting and slicing techniques from a variety of fish
  • Preparation of sauces to match the Sashimi
  • Explore and understand Japanese core ingredients

Class Notes

  • Please add a note when booking your place, to advise of any food preferences or allergies, in advance of the class.
  • This is a hands-on class.
  • Includes printed copies of all recipes covered.
  • Cancellations Policy and T&Cs apply to all bookings.



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    London, Crystal Palace SE19 3PU United Kingdom


  • 020 8816 7499